Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday I came home to a mysterious package from Amazon. I say mysterious because I know that Michelle and I had not ordered anything from Amazon lately. My first thought is that Michelle might have surprised me with the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game I've been going on and on about.

As I opened it up I was shocked to see a new Amazon Kindle. I have been doing some pro bono for my old work and they most graciously decided to send me one.

As you can see it is very simple, which is the greatest thing about this fantastic little device. In the picture below you will notice writing on the kindle. No that is not a sticker on the screen it is the e-ink. The great thing about e-ink is that once the image is on the screen no power is consumed. So when you turn it off a portrait of a famous author or painting is put on the screen while it is off.

After spending about a day non-stop on my new Kindle I can say that this device far exceeds my expectations. Lately I've been feeling like I need to grow up and start bettering myself. For example, in High School I did all I could to slack off, so I've never read the classics like A Tale of Two Cities or anything from Steinbeck, and I've been wanting to start reading more. Well my Kindle has been the perfect catalyst.

First off about the Kindle. The e-ink display is awesome. It doesn't hurt your eyes because it is the same ink that is in a pen, but just electronically manipulated to form the image on your screen. Also the contrast is excellent, and the speed just great as well. But its the features that are so awesome. I have the Wifi-3G model, and I've signed up for the Wall Street Journal. Every morning it just loads onto my Kindle and I can read it. And navigating through the Journal is a breeze. I can sort through the articles by section or briefly read a half page from each.

The Kindle also has a new feature called text-to-speech. This makes the journal perfect to listen to on the way to work or while at work through some headphones.

The Kindle store is also great. I downloaded the new George W. Bush memoir from the store, which would be about $30.00 for the hardcover for $9.99, and it was on my kindle in seconds. There are also thousands of magazines, and newspapers. I have noticed that the price for newspapers is a bit higher than I would like, but for example the WSJ is $15.99, which I will happily pay, and that works out to about $191 per year. I could get the journal at my house everyday for about $120, but the Kindle version has no ads, which is kind of nice.

For other features, the Kindle can play mp3's, has a web browser for checking that is quite functional, and can upload any quotes you like to Facebook or Twitter.

As a close for the price you really cannot beat the Kindle. For those that think they may want an ipad, if you want to read the news and books this device has it beat hands down, which is saying a lot because there are those out there that know how much I like the ipad. I really love my Kindle and I can't wait for the many trips I have to make to Indiana and Canada over the next month.

Sleeping Beauty

Saturday, October 30, 2010

On the surface of this may just look like Delilah sleeping with a Tiara on. But it is also one of the first really decent pictures I've taken with our new camera. I took a bunch of other pictures that were really grainy. Then I decided to mess with some of the settings. So either this is me messing with apperature or sensitivity (still not sure exactly which setting this was so if anyone out there can clue me in I would be grateful), either way I finally felt like I didn't waste $500.
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What Delilah Has Been Thinking

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You know this is exactly what Delilah is thinking now that she's going to have a Brother.

Chrysler Day Picnic

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You would think that the day I meet the CEO of Chrysler Group LLC and Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, a man that I greatly respect, that might be the highlight of my day. But in all actuality it really was a backstory to meeting the love of my life. If you ask Michelle, she will tell you that I am currently obsessed with the Ferrari 458 Italia. It is the most beautiful car ever, its lines are amazing, and it is fast as HELL!

To my great surprise yesterday one showed up on the Chrysler front lawn along with a Ferrari California, Maserati Quattroporte, and two Maserati GT's. These were all for the Chrysler Group picnic today. What is special about this is that during the DaimlerChrysler days you would have never seen a brand new hot Mercedes along side a Chrysler Group vehicle. This to me was more evidence that this marriage will work out.
Below is my baby the 458 Italia. How how I want this beautiful mid-engined Ferrari. It is even more exquisite in person. Car costs $225,000 for the base model, this one was $247,000. Insurance costs are $2,000 per month and totally worth it.
The California was also gorgeous. I was really able to see how meticulous the interior is crafted in a Ferrari. All hand sewn leather, and all the amenities.
What stole the day for me though was how beautiful a Maserati looks in person. I got a chance to sit in a Quattroporte (the perfect family car) and it was amazing. I have never sat in a more comforatble car. And the styling on these are so striking. In person they are just plain amazing. The great thing about the Maserati's is that they only cost $135,00o for the base model. I could definitely do that, right?
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Woodward Dream Cruise

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Since moving away from SLC I have been missing going to parades and stuff. Well I have officially found our replacement. Every year Detroit hosts the Woodward Dream Cruise. The Cruise is the single largest car event in the world. An estimated 50,000 classic cars and 1.5 million people attend. Woodward goes from downtown Detroit all the way out to Pontiac, which is about 25 miles. And its full of classic cars the entire way. We started at 13 mile in Royal oak and walked around that area today. And let me say it was a blast, even Michelle loved it. The best part was that whenever a big angry car revved its engine the fetus would jump in Michelle. Oh yeah, we definitely have a car lover on the way. Here are some of our favorites.

I just couldn't resist the Delorian. Its was also on sale for $23,400, WHAT A STEAL!
D just sat in the stroller and had a blast, she was such a good girl.
I had to get some of our new products in there, a.k.a. the Fiat 500's. Cool little cars.
yes, Michelle knows I'm posting this super sexy picture, this is the only picture of her. Isn't she one sexy woman? Or is she on drugs in this pic?

Golfing @ Copper Hills

Today I had the pleasure of golfing at one of the best courses in Michigan. Copper Hills GC is an amazing course. Here's a list of awards.

Awards & Recognition

2009 - National Honors, the #9 hole on The Hill Course was picked
as one of the "18 Most Beautiful Brutal Holes" in the US and canada. Read this Article

2008- Golf Digest - "Best Places to Play" Four star rating

2007 - Golf Digest - "Best Places to Play"

2006 - Golf Digest - "Best Places to Play"

2005 - Golf Digest - "Best Places to Play"

2004 - Golf Digest - "Best Places To Play"

2003 - Detroit News - #1 Best Designed Course in Michigan

2002- Golf Digest - "Best Places To Play"

2000-2001 Golf Digest - "Best Places To Play"

1999 - 2000 Golf Digest - Ranked Copper Hills #16 in the State of Michigan.
(This includes all Private, Public and Resort courses.
(Copper Hills is ranked #3 in State for public-non resort course)

1999 - Golf For Women Magazine - Top Fairways 1999 -
Top 100 Women-Friendly Coursed Award

The picture above is from the tee box. Its a 173 yard shot just to the narrow fairway.

This green might as well have been an island green because it was the tee box, marsh and then the green. Lucky for me I hit the ball within 10 feet of the pin.

Schweiger & Associates

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have recently been asked to blog some of my work from my time at Schweiger & Associates. Many of you may remember that I worked for SCAAS during my MBA program as a consultant. Please check out my blog post on Global Economic Growth from 2010 to 2030.